Day 4: Leona Gorge

I’ve been a bit behind on my posts because I’ve been having to fix the technical difficulties on the students’ blogs.  Therefore, I am going to skip my photographs from the Fort Funston trip (for now) and go straight to our Leona Gorge trip.

A Taste of the Bubbley

A Taste of the Bubbley: The shade in the gorge allowed me to use a slow shutter speed, which led to the great time-lapse effect in this photo.  The strange patterns in the water are how the motion of a tiny waterfall were captured by my camera.  The big bubble is actually a conglomeration of many bubbles that were forming and popping while the shutter was open.

Lizard King

Lizard King: This little guy allowed me to go right up to him and capture a nice shot.  His pose across the edge of a rock gives a nice contrast between the light rock face and its dark side.  The lizard itself has lots of great repeating patterns across its back.  Click on it for a closer look.

Jagged Little Leaf

Jagged Little Leaf: This is a really interesting plant whose leaves unfold into a fern-like shape with jagged edges.  I like how the photo shows many different stages of thus unfolding.  I also love the complex layout of many copies of a simple pattern.

Snail Jail

Snail Jail: Okay, so it doesn’t really look like a prison, but I wanted to keep the rhyming theme going.  I love the lighting here and how the fractal pattern of the trees bark contrasts with the pattern on the snail’s shell.  I found this little guy in the Horticulture Building at Merritt College at the end of our hike.


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